Operating the Latest Safest Technology Fleet in the State


Safety is RHT’s number 1 priority. The importance of ZERO HARM to our Team the client and the environment is part of our DNA and ZERO HARM is the only acceptable outcome.

Our vision is to be the Safest contractor in the state. Safety and productivity are key fundamentals for a secure future, and we deliver Safety on a daily basis before we step into the workplace.

Every RHT Team member is paid to work Safe and is their own personal Safety manager. Each Team member has the full support of management not to undertake a task unless they are 100% confident that the task can be delivered Safely and with a ZERO HARM outcome. RHT wants to be the Safe contractor of choice and no shortcuts will be made or condoned that will not meet our objective of ZERO HARM. We will only work for clients that share our passion for ZERO HARM. Safety first is our license to operate and we want our Team to go home Safe to their families every day. We must and will “Start Safe Finish Safe”.

Representing the Team

RHT choose to be a ‘Low Maintenance Contractor’ to our Valued Clients. It is a good opportunity to discuss the benefit of being low maintenance, what low maintenance looks like, and how you can work it into your daily operation.

The clear benefit of being a Low Maintenance Contractor when any current Valued Client and/or a potential client think of RHT, their initial thought is that RHT is a Safe, professional Team who get the job done. This thought leads to further opportunities from current Valued Clients and new clients.

The aim of being a Low Maintenance Contractor for our Valued Clients to be comfortable in the knowledge that any works undertaken by RHT will comply with expected standards, process, and procedures. The leadership Team within RHT will handle any variations professionally Safety first and foremost, and Team members in RHT will diligently go about their tasks Safely, always representing the best of the Team. We all represent each other in the way we behave to our Teammates, towards our Valued Clients and to the other contractor Team members who support us and assist our service onsite. RHT Team members are expected to always be polite, courteous, and respectful whenever dealing with client representatives, airline staff, village staff, and contractor partners. This is not negotiable and is core to being recognized as a continuously Safe Low Maintenance Contractor.

Our client wants to concentrate on their core business not micromanage a contractor. This is why RHT has been welcomed back into the industry due to the Teams previous adherence to  “Quality Performance Achieved Safely”.